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Siding Installation Contractor

When it comes to your home’s exterior, few aspects are more important than your siding. Forming one of your home’s primary lines of defense against the elements, your siding not only keeps the walls of your home safe from harm, it also offers insulation for the property, as well as serving as a major focal point of the property, providing curb appeal & resale value. Considering how important your siding is to the health of your home, it is imperative that the siding is kept in good repair.

We at USA Group Construction are specializing in residential and commercial siding installation and repair. If you’re interested in installing new siding on your Massachusetts home this year, our team is ready to assist! It is our goal to install our high quality vinyl siding to make your house look like brand new again. No more chipped paint or broken pieces.

The benefits of installing new siding:

Increase Curb Appeal

Whether you plan on selling your home sooner or
later, installing new siding will instantly increase
your home's curb appeal.

Weather Resistance

The strong integrity and tough durability of
new siding will protect your home substantially
better than if you keep your old siding or other
exterior shell material.


Siding comes in varying styles, colors, and designs.
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