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Ice Dam Removal Services

USA Group Construction removes and repairs ice dams across Massachusetts by raking your roof and spreading calcium chloride along your roof to melt the ice. By using a specific roof rake, our team will be able to remove snow from your roof from the ridge to the gutter without causing damage to your shingles or granules.

We provide complete ice dam removal in Woburn, MA and the surrounding area. Keep your roof clear of winter ice with our service packages built to your needs.

Winters in Boston can be brutal. Snow and ice buildup at your home or business can be a safety hazard, and can make you liable for damages if an accident were to happen. You need an ice dam removal company you can depend on to dig you out when you need it most. That’s where we come in.

​Residential Ice Dam Removal

Whether you’re living in a house or condo and need
ice dam removal, we are here to help all your needs.

Ice Dam cause damage

Once an ice dam forms, it is only a matter of time
before water has the potential to enter your home
and cause significant damage.

Same Or Next Day Service

We understand that majority of ice dams turn into
emergency situations quick. We can usually get
you the help you need in 24-48 hrs.
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